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How to Enhance your Home with Decorative Rocks

How to Enhance your Home with Decorative Rocks

Rock, brick, and stone represent a peaceful and grounded area. It is a versatile element in your home's back or front to create a new look. If you want to avoid adding a lot of vegetation and plantation to your lawn due to water issues in your area, rock is the best...


Using stone masonry in construction is not something new; rather, it dates as far back in history as ancient times. The word “Masonry” comes from “Mason.” These walls are made using masonry units like bricks, stones, tiles, concrete blocks, or stones. Today stone masonry is widely used in construction. Let’s have a look at the different types and their benefits.

Types of Stone Masonry and Their Advantages

It’s interesting to know about the different types of stone masonry used worldwide for construction. It’s best to know all the options you have when considering what type of stone masonry you want and what type of services companies offer.  You can trust Sotelo’s Concrete and Masonry to get the job done perfectly. We specialize in all sorts of stone masonry.

1.   Random Rubble Stone Masonry Wall

These stone masonry walls are fairly common in Southern Utah. Random Rubble Stone Mansory has a random layout of stones with little to no stone dressing. The stone layers aren’t definitive. With minimal dressing, no proper shape is required to achieve the finish. Random rubble stone masonry is used for compound walls, residential buildings, godowns, etc.


  • Cost-effective construction
  • Rustic and organized look
  • Minimal dressing and no proper shape arrangement are needed
  • Robust, weather resistant, and durable.
  • Environment-friendly

2.   Ashlar Masonry

This type of stone masonry uses well-dressed, polished, or chamfered stones with accurate shapes. Because of this, ashlar masonry is used for decorative purposes throughout Utah. The dressed stone is placed with cement or mortar at a specific height. The stone used for this purpose are dense and even in shape. Ashlar masonry has some further types, including ashlar fine, ashlar rock-faced, ashlar rough-tooled, and ashlar chamfered.


  • Versatile and diverse usage
  • Clean and polished look
  • Perfect for fire protection
  • Durable and long-lasting

3.   Coarse Rubble Masonry

In this type of stone masonry, stones are evenly laid out and dressed. The height of these stones is more or less equal. Coarse rubble masonry is useful for high-strength general construction like foundations and structural units. You will find many stone masonry services in Utah that offer this type because it is popularly used in the country.


  • Cheaper materials required
  • Versatile use
  • Easily available
  • Easy handling
  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Environment-friendly

4.   Dry Rubble Masonry

This type of masonry is a common choice in Utah. In this form of stone masonry, the stones are laid at the height of 6m with ordinary masonry. When it comes to price, this stone masonry is cheaper but requires more manpower for construction. For non-load-bearing walls, a dry rubble masonry is a good option.


  • Offers protection against pests, natural disasters, rotting, and weather.
  • Provides fire protection for buildings.
  • Can stand high compressive weights.
  • Resistant, durable, and long-lasting.
  • Offer an elegant and rustic look.

5.   Ashlar Fine-Tooled Masonry

This type of stone masonry is made with stones cut at a specific shape and size to fit together. They fit very well, so the mortar joints may be as little as 2 to 3mm. Since they take a longer time to cut and shape, this type is more expensive. Yet, the resulting wall is very refined and strong. In Utah, like many other parts of the world, Ashlar Fine-tooled Masonry is used in residential and commercial constructions.


  • Smooth and polished look
  • Strong and refined

Final Thoughts

Constructing a building with stone masonry can be a huge investment of money and time, but looking at its timeless beauty and longevity, we can assure you it’s worth the cost. If you choose the right company, you’re all good to go. Sotelo’s Concrete and Masonry is a reliable company that will cater to your stone masonry construction needs. Are you ready to add some stone masonry to your project in Southern Utah? Why not contact us at Sotelo’s Concrete and Masonry services today?


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